February 3, 2010

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About Us

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About a decade ago, a corporation from Portland was doing some things that some people did not like. In a land called Hollywood, there were some people who wanted to discuss this in local coffee shops, but they were told that the corporation from Portland was sending petty spies to listen to what was being said in the coffeehouses of Hollywood.

So the nickname “emobeaverhunt” was coined to refer to them. Emo because, in some people’s opinion, the corporation nicknamed was more watered-down emo than gothic or punk or rave or body mod or generally individualistic in any way. Beaverhunt because Hustler used to have an amateur section in their magazines where guys would send in photos of their girlfriends, wives, and lovers. This section was the Beaver Hunt and even included a cute raunchy cartoon beaver of the animal variety. So it seemed like Hustler was early to this model.

Only eventually a number of people knew the joke, so the domain emobeaverhunt.com was registered to protect the nickname, so it did not end up being something else and confusing every coffeehouse eavesdropper in Los Angeles. Couldn’t have that.

Only, with the way the adult internet marketplace has evolved, there is just going to have to be some confusion now. (Sorry, eavesdropping peeps. We tried.) Many of the sites which were in the know, such as Porn for Punks, are long defunct. Today, the top-selling so-called altporn sites are the so-called girlfriends or ex-girlfriend or exgf or simply gf sites. So this site is now dedicated to, go figure, the emo and alt-styled beaverhunt self-shot and revenge and sex tape sites out there. And the occasional actually good alt sites, for good measure.

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